If you have a poor credit score and you’re trying to apply for a phone contract then you know how hard it is to get approved for one. Major carriers are likely to reject your application because you are considered a high-risk subscriber. If you’ve ever been rejected and you want a phone contract, don’t panic. Cardi Phones is here to help.

Who is Cardi Phones?

Cardi Phones is a trusted name dedicated to providing mobile users with bad credit suitable phone deals. We exist to ensure that you’ll have quick access to guaranteed phone contracts that will not only meet your budget but will also fit your lifestyle needs. Since the brand was established, we’ve already helped with numerous mobile users across UK. Regardless of credit score, we can assure you that we’ll assist you find a deal you’ll easily get approved for.

What We Do?

At Cardi Phones, helping customers who struggle to get approved for a phone contract is what we do best. We have a team of specialists who will assess your needs and financial circumstance. Based from key information, our team will offer you recommended deals you can choose from. We also work with top suppliers and providers in the UK to guarantee that you’ll always get the best phone contract deal when you partner with Cardi Phones.

What We Offer?

Our offers at Cardi Phones are wide and varied. We have guaranteed mobile phone contracts with terms starting from 12 months up to 24 months or 36 months if preferred. All our offers include a choice of handset and a phone tariff, which includes your call, text and data allowances. Handset selection includes a wide variety of models from brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia and more. Once approved for a phone contract deal, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee until end o term.

Just in case you need extra help when choosing your handset, Digital Trends has useful tips and guidelines you might find useful.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a guaranteed phone contract, the requirements are very basic. You must be at least 18 years old who reside in the UK and who can provide proof of income. Because we cater to customers with bad credit, your credit score is not a factor when assessing your application for approval. This means that processing is often speedy. Granted that you are eligible, you can get approved for a phone contract in a matter of hours.

How to Apply?

To apply for a bad credit phone contract, just follow our very simple application process. Start by completing our online application form. Once deemed eligible, you can proceed to the next step where you need to choose your handset and your phone tariff package. Your application will be assessed and approval should be completed within 24 hours or less.